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Principe di San Daniele Leading manufacturer of Prosciutto di San Daniele DOP, the acorn brand is now able to meet the needs and tastes of national and international markets. To the typical products such as San Daniele prosciutto, cooked hams, beech wood smoked hams and frankfurters, Prince added the range of pre-sliced Ovali and Ovaline.

Principe di San Daniele Company Information:
Via J. Ressel 1 San Dorligo Della Valle
TS 34018 USA
Ph +39/040.3880878
Fax +39/040.3880993

Principe di San Daniele History:
" Professionalism, experience and passion characterize Principe di San Daniele SpA, for over 60 years leader in the quality delicatessen meats sector. "